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    • 16 Jun 2017
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Online - Live & Recorded

    Join us for a special webinar on 

    Mind to Muscle Integration with body work

     with Bruce Scott

    Join us for this interview with complementary therapist, and Body Magician Bruce Scott, as he shares his insights on how to help your clients embody their transformations, and take meaningful action more easily and gracefully.

    Who is Bruce Scott?

    Hi I am Bruce Scott “The Body Magician”.
    The reason I came across this work is because I was sick. At age ten I went from being an elite gymnast to living in a dark room unable to go outside and couldn’t go to school for lack of energy. The fatigue was beyond anything I can explain.  Sunlight felt like red hot knitting needles poked in my eyes. My bones felt like broken glass. I had viral meningitis. The lining of my brain had swelled up and my immune system shut down. I was also diagnosed with ross river fever,  a mosquito born disease similar to Malaria.  At thirteen years of age, I had arthritis in every joint in my body.

    After three years of extensive treatment with western medicine, nothing changed, my mother, who was not into alternative medicine at the time, heard of a tai chi master at the local primary school. She insisted that I go and learn tai chi. I also started having a full body Swedish remedial massage once a week.  I didn’t believe anything was going to work but I was willing to try. Within six months, I was fully recovered! I could play sports outdoors, run for miles and started boxing. I got my life back!

    The combination of movement, breathing and massage transformed my life. Now let me transform yours. 

    WHAT I DO ?

    The way I see it. We are all spiritual, physical, mental and emotional beings.  Those four aspects of ourselves interconnect and interrelate. If any one of them is disowned or not fully optimised, then the potential for the whole being to be best version of itself is diminished.

    Your body has an innate healing capacity. You are a self organising, self optimising system. I work with your body to support it and give it the time, energy, space and feedback it needs to heal itself.

    I have an innate ability to see what you are holding onto and invite you to let go of as much as that as you are comfortable.

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    • 21 Jul 2017
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Online - Live & Recorded

    Join us for a special webinar on 

    Dina Cooper – NLP Parenting Strategies

     with Dina Cooper

    Have you got a spirited child?

    Do you wish you were better able to use your NLP skills with your children and to keep yourself sane and raise happy humans? Dina can help, in this insightful session Dina will share her parenting strategies that have been proven in her own house and with her clients.

    Who is Dina Cooper?

    Dina began her working life as a chartered management accountant, transitioning into change management within the banking sector. She quickly discovered her aptitude and love of human change and went on to employ her skills by supporting clients who had been made redundant, in their transition into another job or career. In 2011, recognising her own struggles as a parent, Dina went on to formally study Meta-Coaching and is now a transformational coach.

    ‘Meta’ simply means ‘to go above’ and is coaching that focuses on the structure of how the challenging situation is created as well as the specifics of the situation. Once the how is known it can commonly be translated into different contexts resulting in life transforming coaching. Dina’s realisation that she simply did not feel like the mum she had always dreamed she would be, prompted her to then seek a coach of her own to overcome these challenges.

    Through this coaching, her own training as a coach and ultimately, her absolute enjoyment of her work supporting other parents, she now benefits from enjoying daily life as a mum and loves the fun she has with her two boys and with her husband, whom she feels connected and fulfilled with. Dina is a firm advocate of personal empowerment and its contribution to personal success. Her faith in the belief that if you know and like who you are and what you stand for, then you have the tools you need, to be the parent you want to be. Whilst accounting is not an industry you would associate Dina with today, Dina utilises her skills to help parents audit their minds. Immersed in engaging with parents to support them to become more consciously aware of how they parent, when seeking Dina’s services, you will be immediately struck by her intuitive and empathetic approach to a parenting challenge, demonstrating her ability to hone in on underlying difficulties and work through, to what can only be described, as a miraculous result!

    Everything Dina shares is to achieve the one goal her clients all seek: to make life easier and more enjoyable as parents. Dina is a professionally certified Meta Coach(ACMC) and holds the title of Coaching for Executives at the Australian Graduate School of Management. Dina lives in Sydney Australia speaking and coaching full time, face to face or remotely and supporting clients throughout the world. – See more at:

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